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I'm Ricardo Bautista -- a Front End Developer & Designer. How do you want your project?

React, Reusable Components, Angular, Rails, PHP, HTML/CSS, Squarespace, en Español,

Share your ideas and I will handle the rest.

TrainerRoad - Front End Design

My role was to take sketch files into React, React-Native & Angular using SCSS, LESS & Styled components. The role ensured pixel perfection & responsiveness/functionality in every browser. Under an NDA, designs are not on the portfolio.


Meticular - UX Front End Developer

Lots of code. Lots of design. Projects under NDA.


Friends of Dentists

Squarespace, LESS & UI/UX Design - Custom website for B2B Dental Practices


Software - Ruby Grocery Store

Ruby program ran in terminal, Grocery Store program with CRUD actions, gambiling & coupons

Run in browser

Arreguin's Paint Contractor, Inc

10 day Build for Atlanta Painters website. Custom change room color interactions. React • Netlify CMS • GraphQL • Styled Components • Photoshop • Adobe XD


Debugging Support

Company contacted me after using my responsive code generator. I Was able to help create a Responsive iFrame for all screensizes


Tunecore act alike

Vanilla JS sundae of ES6, REGEX & ISRC/UPC validations. Semantic, No JS framework


Copyright Takedown Generator

Generate copyright notice emails to clients to inform of takedowns. JavaScript • Bootstrap


Una Storia Segreta

Musuem Exhibit for Italian life in America during WW2. React • Styled Components • Semantic • Netlify • Adobe XD


Country Church

Donated website using Squarespace • Custom CSS • Photoshop • Animation


Hire Decision Generator

React • State/Props • API • Styled Components • Semantic


Lnza.me - Homepage

300K+ hits on a music link platform for fans. One link, all stores. HTML • Bootstrap • CSS • Wavesurfer JS


Lnza.me - Fan View

HTML • Bootstrap • CSS • Wavesurfer JS


Lnza.me - OneSheet

Allows a label to provide materials for radio or television consideration in a microsite. React GraphQL • Styled Components • SCSS • Wavesurfer JS


Tu Mundo Financiero

Squarespace rebuild for Atlanta Real Estate Agent Blog. Revamped Youtube channel with custom banner and thumbnails. CSS • Photoshop



Entendy, spanish spin for the word understood, Started as my Youtube channel for spanish tech tutorials in 2014. 800K views + 2,100 Subscribers. Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Youtube/Video Editing


Ruby on Rails

Love Target so much I rebuilt it with Ruby on Rails. Give the free server a second to load. CRUD + Search for categories, make a product then leave a product review


Ruby on Rails - Associations

Create & search for a doctor, add patients. - Give the free server a second to load


Lifestone Church

Donated website using Squarespace • Custom CSS • Podcast Distribution • Video Editing


El Coyote Y Su Banda

Website for professional touring musician with 31M Youtube Views • Squarespace • Custom CSS • Music Distribution • Video Editing


Justin Sierreño MX

Website for professional touring musician with 23M Youtube views • Squarespace • Custom CSS • Music Distribution • Video Editing


Alliance GPO

Squarespace • Custom CSS • Photoshop